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Saving Throw Dice was born from a wonderful NerdCation (Nerd Vacation).  My D&D group decided to go to a castle in Southern Ohio and spend a dedicated weekend playing D&D.  Since it was around the holidays, I wanted to make them an awesome presant to memorialize the occasion, and knew they would love D&D pillows if I could figure out a way to make them.  I had a found a number of patterns online, but most of them were for paper, or were done in such a way that increased the number of visible seams.  Given I am a tinkerer, I took the concept, a laser and vinyl cutter, a few curse words, and a LOT of time, and came up with a method that minimized the amount of exposed seams and allowed for a very customizable D20 pillow.  

When it comes to sourcing materials, I am lucky enough to have some friends who run an upholstery shop who often have large amounts of fun fabrics that they needed a way to get rid of.  This has allowed me to have a wide range of unique colors to choose from, in limited amounts, which allows for some delightful design challenges as well as limits the amount of pillows I can make with any given fabric, making each pillow unique, and saves much of the fabric from being thrown away.

I love design challenges, from making custom logos for the D20 side, as well as making full sets of dice pillows.  I hope if you have questions or a special request, you will reach out to me so we can work together to make you an awesome design.

May all your rolls be made with advantage,